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I Tutor Virtually is excited to work with your students! We are a Charlotte-based  tutoring company serving students from pre-kindergarten to pre-college levels.  

As the owner of I Tutor Virtually, Carolyn Haines offers over 15 years of experience  and training, specializing in working with children who have dyslexia and other  language-based disorders. Carolyn is a qualified Orton-Gillingham Reading  Specialist and she brings to the table her personal experience as the parent of  children struggling to learn and her proven skills as a tutor and a business leader. 

Our tutors are teachers and educators with enthusiasm and drive, offering a diverse  skill-set to meet the needs of your students. Many of our reading intervention  teachers have been raised in the science of reading and use multi-sensory reading  methods that are in line with Orton Gillingham methodology. They provide fun,  interactive and relevant tutoring for their students, building self-esteem and restoring  lost confidence. Students are encouraged to aim high and to believe that they can  achieve their best. Every small step forward is celebrated. A setback is treated as a  learning opportunity and never as a failure. 

Our tutors are here to work with your students in these areas: 

1. Help with English, reading intervention and reading comprehension

2. Written expression, writing, Executive Function skills. 

3. A focus on Phonological Awareness, including helping students recognize  rhyming words, identifying beginning and ending sounds of words, discovering  how to create new words from sounds and learning how to separate words  into individual sounds. Studies show that poor phonological awareness in  preschool/kindergarten is a predictor of later reading problems. This is  therefore one of the most important areas we address. 

4. Our math tutors work with students from Kindergarten to pre-college level. 5. We offer science, chemistry and an introduction to physics. 

6. We can help prepare your students for the SAT and ACT. 

7. Occupational and Speech Therapy is available for students with a diagnosed  need.  

8. We are pleased to teach specialized reading instruction for students who are  struggling, particularly those with dyslexia/dysgraphia/ADHD/ADD. 

Our approach is to help students learn and to apply strong problem-solving skills for  their present and future needs, rather than on simply helping students to complete  specific pieces of work. We offer children and parents the support they need by  evaluating each child’s specific areas of difficulty, developing a tutoring plan to  strengthen those weak areas and implementing the plan. We see tutoring as a holistic approach which allows students to grow in confidence and to succeed  academically. We believe that we should work in close collaboration with the  student’s teachers and advisers so that planning and teaching go hand-in-hand and  ensures progress and success.

Family engagement is very important to us. We operate an open-door policy,  encouraging our tutors to share information with the student’s teachers and family.  Parents/Guardians are welcome to contact Carolyn by telephone, email or to meet  face-to-face. We work in close co-operation with each family and with others who  are involved in the child’s learning experience; teachers, school leaders,  psychologists and other therapists. Our tutors will provide feedback and they  welcome input from everyone involved in the student’s learning journey. When  requested to do so, we are pleased to offer guidance into IEP and other academic  plans and we are able to advise and guide parents seeking help and  accommodations within the classroom. 

We offer year-round tutoring as we know that students benefit enormously from  academic support and encouragement during school vacation time as well as during  the school semester.  

In addition to regular tutoring, our summer camps give students a fun-filled  environment in which to learn and remain engaged. For summer 2022 we plan a  book study for students offering STEM activities combined with outside active play  and interactions. Each day will focus on a different book and discuss themes in  literature such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar; a book which lends itself well to a  memory exercise about healthy eating and a math component involving too much  food vs too little. 

Please get in touch for more information about our services. We are proud to  partner with CMS in this ground-breaking initiative to help our students through the  disruptions of Covid-19 and look forward to contributing to their academic success. 




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